Grand Cayman 2018

Grand Cayman 2018

Turtles. and stingrays. and shipwrecks. oh my! With three islands offering enough world-class dive sites to fill a calendar year, and a history littered with pirates and explorers, it's no wonder that the Cayman Islands have been a premier scuba destination since the dawn of diving. For those wishing to dive the incredible Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is the place to start.

Surrounded on all four sides by the Grand Cayman wall, the main island gives divers access to 159 world class dive sites, without the hassle of embarking on an extra flight. Large numbers of dive operators provide guided boat tours of the best locations, as well as instructional courses and underwater photography tours. Although there are a few notable dive points situated off the East End of Grand Cayman, the real diving experiences are located near the infamous Seven Mile Beach in the west.

For more experienced divers, there are some deep-water sites that should not go unseen. Sand Chute offers gorgeous panoramas of a sandy slope that resembles a ski hill littered with "moguls" of hogfish mounds, while the sunken USS Kittiwake, now an incredible artificial reef resting on a sandy bottom in just 20 meters of water, invites divers to explore its 76 meter interior. And although water clarity is sometimes slightly compromised in shallower areas due to high traffic volume, beginners can enjoy accessible shore diving on some great coral reefs where there is little to no current.

The northern side of Grand Cayman island is comprised of a string of beautiful wall diving sites along the 1800 meter deep North Wall, where you're sure to encounter spotted eagle rays and sea turtles. The mini-wall reef along this coast creates a unique and diverse environment where divers can swim among sea sponges and lush coral, as well as countless species of sea life. Due to the distance offshore, the dives in this region tend to be deeper and therefore not ideal for beginners, but they do make excellent second or third dives. Finally, be sure to stop by Stingray City, the world renowned shallow dive tourist attraction where all levels of divers can get up close and personal with the hordes of southern stingrays.

Trip runs from January 19, 2018 until January 27, 2018

Price is in Canadian Dollars and includes tax and is based on double occupancy

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